Straszna wróżba. Rosyjska nowela fantastyczna pierwszej połowy XIX wieku. Valentin Korovin


Published: September 1988


539 pages


Straszna wróżba. Rosyjska nowela fantastyczna pierwszej połowy XIX wieku.  by  Valentin Korovin

Straszna wróżba. Rosyjska nowela fantastyczna pierwszej połowy XIX wieku. by Valentin Korovin
September 1988 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 539 pages | ISBN: | 3.35 Mb

When we think of the Gothic Genre we are likely to think of writers like Mary Shelley and Edgar Allan Poe. These stories show the talent and style present in Russian writing during the 19th Century, and are more than worth a read! I would recommend this book to everyone!I want to review these stories separately, as they differ a lot in quality and topic between authors.The illustrations in this story were really lovely and really added to the pleasure and enchantment!MAY CONTAIN SOME SPOILERS:THE LAFERTOVO POPPY-CAKE SELLERAntony PogorelskyThis story is both spooky and a little whimsical.

I enjoyed the bit about the cat. 5 stars.TALES OF BURIED TREASUREOrest SomovThis was quite a long short story, containing many stories within a story, and quite enjoyable. I liked all the contained stories as well as the main one. 5 stars.THE WEREWOLFOrest SomovA classic Russian tale of silly youth, intelligent girl and dark magic. Amusing. 4 stars.THE WITCHES OF KIEVOrest SomovThis one I didnt really enjoy, not much happened.

Perhaps I was swayed by the racism and the crude depiction of witches. 2 stars.THE TERRIBLE FORTUNE TELLINGAlexander Bestuzhev-MarlinskyRather of a cautionary tale, as several in this collection have turned out to be. I did think the superatural bit in the graveyard both spooky and then humourous, which amused me no end. 4 stars. It would have ben 5 if not for the it never happened ending.THE UNDERTAKERAlexander PushkinA delightfully spooky story. Alas for the frustrating it was all a dream ending! 4 stars. It would have been 5 if not for the ending.THE QUEEN OF SPADESAlexander PushkinA very original little tale, very enjoyable.

5 stars.THE RINGEvgeny BaratynskyYet again, very original. I loved the story and the denouement. 5 stars.ANTAROsip SenkovskyA great example of well-written orientalism. The threefold tale is always pleasurable for me and the story was poignant and touching.

5 stars.UNEXPECTED GUESTSMikhail ZagoskinA faily typical moral tale with devils. 3 stars.4338 A.D.Vladimir OdoyevskyA wonderfully imagined science fiction story! What is now regarded as Victorian Era Steampunk. A real stand out! I adored every second of this and was sad when it ended! 6 stars out of 5!THE SYLPHIDEVladimir OdoyevskyInteresting, enjoyed references to arcane teachings. I liked the visions he saw and sadness of the ending. 5 stars.THE GHOSTVladimir OdoyevskyThe story within a story within a story technique is a little confusing at times.

Also I not sure if the ending was meant to be a little unclear. 4 stars.THE CITY WITHOUT A NAMEVladimir OdoyevskyAn engaging and convincing rhetoric against the dangers of obsession with personal gain, told as a story. I loved this, as well as the ending that intimates it will not be taken to heart. I think the lessons good ones as well. 6 stars out of 5.THE LIVING CORPSEVladimir OdoyevskyAnother tale about the ways people badly influence others and never learn their lesson but I did not enjoy the humourous style.

2 stars.STUSSMikhail LermontovWell written but unfinished.A NIGHT IN MAY OR THE DROWNED MAIDENNikolai GogolIt has ghosts but its not Gothic, its mostly humour. 2 stars.THE NOSENikolai GogolAbsurd and goes nowhere. Really not Gothic. 2 stars.THE PORTRAITNikolai GoglIt can be a little meandering in places but in the end all is revealed. A wonderful narrative about the power art can have.

5 stars.VAMPIREAlexei TolstoyDark family history, supernatural adventures and the obstacles both supernatural and human to a love match. 5 stars.

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