Point of Clarity S. Leon Favor

ISBN: 9780977685202

Published: March 1st 2006


212 pages


Point of Clarity  by  S. Leon Favor

Point of Clarity by S. Leon Favor
March 1st 2006 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 212 pages | ISBN: 9780977685202 | 6.48 Mb

Lucy and Becky lead the lives of typical graduate students, with the exception of the incorporeal mage mucking in their affairs. Unknown to the young women, the leaders of the known realms have convened to discuss them, spies have been dispatched to observe them, Lucys dabbling with magical glyphs commands far more power than she realizes, and while working the late shift at the cafi, Lucy just seated a vampire.

The concern is over Chamesh, a powerful aspect of Lucy who resides in the patriarchal realm of Talishia. That land is under attack, with two powerful artifacts at stake, and it appears the mysterious mage intends to manipulate the outcome through Lucy. While the mages allegiance remains in question, be it to the vampire Merrith, to the opportunistic Magnus, or to the desire of power, one thing appears sure-Lucy and Becky are being guided right into the thick of the conflict.

What no one realizes is that Lucy and Becky are headed for a Point of Clarity, an opportunity for them to steer events down a path no one has of yet imagined.

Enter the sum

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