A Trillion Dollar Man (Trillion Dollar Man #1) Angus Kennedy



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A Trillion Dollar Man (Trillion Dollar Man #1)  by  Angus     Kennedy

A Trillion Dollar Man (Trillion Dollar Man #1) by Angus Kennedy
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YOUR BEST FRIEND IS DEAD ON HIS LIVING ROOM FLOORSuddenly you’re jerked into a scene right out an intense action thriller book. You’d planned a transpacific adventure with him and other close friends on your huge historical sailboat. You’re locked into a nightmare like an FBI thriller, a CIA black ops story and a detective crime book all in one.WHAT IF YOU WERE THE FIRST PERSON TO BREAK THE TRILLIONAIRE BARRIERYou’ve seen clearly that billionaires are as tedious as any other financial group.

Bored with making money and the lammo rich and famous- you retired to your Texas ranch- you re-channeled your energy into raising outstanding Quarter Horses.YOU ARE A FORCE RECON MARINE, RETIREDYou are a lethal engine designed not just for combat, but intense mental reconnaissance while fighting.A BRAND NEW ACTION ADVENTURE SERIES COMES ON LIKE A THERMONUCLEAR REACTIONWith huge thrust the Trillion Dollar man explodes.

Don’t kill anyone’s best friend and for sure, not a Force Reconnaissance Marine’s.YOUR BEST FRIEND’S STATELY HOME LOOKS LIKE A WARZONEYour heavy duty, Marine Corps, battle damage assessment drills, remote sensors location exercises and your initial terminal guidance training all kick in at once.A disgusting detective crime scene right out of an ordinary suspense laden mystery book is in your face. But at the same time, it’s more much bigger, like an action adventure book- it’s instantly obvious that something more sinister than ordinary cops stuff, than mystery crime stories is going on, something big and weird right out of a series of huge, black op action thrillers is at play.The destruction is like one sees in war novels, like American Sniper―like the weapons one finds in Special Forces fiction.

Some big, sinister group is on your back, something like the government conspiracy against Jason in The Bourne Identity, like heavy government surveillance novels, like CIA fiction, like all of it: FBI thriller, CIA black ops, and a detective crime book in the same instant.YOU KNOW INSTANTLY THAT YOU WILL FIND THE UNFRIENDLIESBecause of your training for deadly force encounters, you engage instantly. “The United States Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance detachments, or FORECON, operate in deep reconnaissance, direct action, and the control of supporting arms- to convey military intelligence beyond the means of a commanders area of influence in the battlefield .

. . .”WikipediaYOU ARE A VERY HEALTHY VET LIKE CHRIS KYLE IN CLINT EASTWOOD’S MOVIE, AMERICAN SNIPERWhen you retired from the Marines, you never stopped long enough for Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome to rule your life. On returning to civilian life you saw clearly―from combat shocking you into an eyes-wide-open view of life―that the Uber-Rich own everything.

That you needed money to have a wife and kids and put your training straight to work in the money markets.WHAT IF ALL THAT FORCE RECON TRAINING HAD GIVEN YOU CLARITYThey operate at such great distances that they are beyond the boundaries, or fan, of any artillery and/or naval gunfire support (NGFS)- unlike their Division Recon brethren, whose operations are primarily within the artillery and gunfire support fan.

Silence and stealth are vital . . . .”WikipediaA brand new, 21st Century Thriller Series is launched. This first novel, A Trillion Dollar Man, explodes off the page: like American Sniper, a U.S. Government trained killer comes home and starts doing good rather than collapsing in PTS.

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